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Vit Nasonov - russian artist and photographer. Artist statement: In my childhood I was dreaming to be an artist, but my life journey turned to a very different way and I have been graduated as architect designer. This field was truly successful for me but I felt that something very important is missing in my life. One fine day being on a long travel trip in Asia, I suddenly realized that have to return to my true passion to the photography and painting . I returned to the basic and started to paint and photograph the way I see and feel . The previous 10 years of great experience in design and architecture helped me a lot to make my wish true and to master my painting and photography skills and bring it in a higher level. Romanic by nature I do love to work with painting in Impressionistic style, also Expressionism, Post Expressionism. My photographic styles and preferences are fashion, street photography and macro. Hope you will find in my gallery the art piece for your home walls!

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